Why is Google Chrome so slow on some computers?

Until today I was totally convinced that Google Chrome is the fastest browser ever but when I compared load speed of the latest Chrome 13 dev and Firefox4 I was really surprised that Firefox4 is much faster than Chrome!

I was going to measure load time for some website which I was going to optimize and because I wanted to compare load times before and after optimization I measured load time with Google Chrome's Developer toolbar. This gave me around 5.0s in average (onload event fired). Then I just wanted to make sure that Firefox gives me moreorless the same results but I was shocked. For the same website Firefox fully loaded its content in just 1.8s. I measured both times without caching (CTRL+F5) and Firefox was always significantly faster than Chrome.

I tried to reinstall Chrome, disable everything in Options -> Privacy, check computer for malware, upgraded drivers, downgrade Chrome to stable 11 ... with absolutely no result. I did all the measuring on my desktop computer at work (Core2 Duo 3GHz, Windows Vista 32-bit).

Then I tried the same website on my laptop (Dell Vostro 1220, Core2 Duo 2,4GHz , Windows 7 64-bit) and load time was around 1.2s on Google Chrome and 1.4s on Firefox4!

I made the test again on 3 different computers (2x Windows7 and 1x OS X, one of them was exactly same hardware as my desktop computer) and Chrome was always faster then Firefox4. Just on my desktop computer it's so slow.

So where's the problem?

Unfortunately, I have no idea what's wrong. Some people on the official Google Chrome forum recommended to turn off "automatically detect settings" in "proxy setting" but it didn't help. I guess there might be something wrong with Windows Vista but I'm not able to figure out what.

I also thought that the problem might be in old graphic drivers but as I've already mentioned I upgraded all drivers and it didn't help at all.

Anyway, I'm happy the problem is in my computer and not in Chrome (yes, I'm a Chrome fanatic :)).

If you have any idea or suggestion, please leave me a comment.

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