Google Chrome Extension: PHP Ninja Manual

Finally, I released my extension for Google Chrome called PHP Ninja Manual (Ninja - because I like Avinash Kaushik's) blog and he always call people who are very skilled in something as "Ninjas"). I was always lazy to open PHP documentation every time I had to look at some method definition and its parameters so I made this extension which is actually preparsed official PHP manual available instantly in a popup window.

I spent quiet a lot of time making this extension and honestly, I totally failed in adhering to the rules described by 37signals' book Getting Real. I'm pretty sure I know where was the problem and hopefully next time I'll do it better. What was meant to be a small project at the beginning turned into around 150 hours of developing.

Anyway, you can install it directly from Chrome Web Store and I'm listening to your opinions (what are you missing, what would you make better, etc.) so leave me your comments here or on offical support board.

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