Book: Dart Essentials

After many and many hours followed by many and many sleepless nights when trying to stay sane by watching and drinking coffee while writing Dart Essentials I'm more than happy to announce that the book is finally finished and was officially released at the end of April.

It's available on the official Packt Publishing e-shop or on Amazon.

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to work on this book, although it was partly coincident for me to become the only author. I never thought it's going to be such hard work and I'm very grateful to Packt Publishing for all their help.

I hope I'll be able to work also on the second edition of this book. I believe it would have been better if the book was released 6 months earlier or later because Dart and the tools around it have changed a lot in the last few months and year 2015 will be crucial for it's future.

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