Average browser height

From the middle of September to almost the end of October I made a little experiment on what users really see when they come to one of the websites I'm maintaining at work. The thing was to verify if we should stick to "567px rule" (most users have at least 567px browser height and you should try to put there all necessary content that you want every user to see) or it just doesn't matter.


Simple Google Analytics Event Tracking. I counted every user every day only once. I always created cookie which was valid until midnight, so next days the same user was counted again.

// $device = computer/mobile
var device = '<?php echo $device; ?>';
_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', device, 'width', $(window).width() + '']);
_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', device, 'height', $(window).height() + '']);
// 4th parameter must be a string, that's why there's  + ''

Just to be clear what I really measured:

Average browser height

Total records:    29 215
Average:             646 px
Median:              572 px
At least 500px:   25 847 (88,47%)
At least 567px:   21 260 (72,77%)

Average browser width

Total records:    29 191						
Average:           1 179 px
Median:              794 px
At least 960px:   26 276 (90,01%)

Average browser height at 1024x768

Total records:     7 225
Average:             560 px
Median:              452 px
At least 500px:    6 518 (90,21%)
At least 560px:    3 859 (53,41%)

Average browser height at 1280x800

Total records:     4 884
Average:             606 px
Median:              512 px
At least 500px:    4 617 (94,53%)
At least 560px:    4 217 (86,34%)

Screen resolutions


Purpose of this experiment was not to find out what browser height is the most common on the Internet but just for this particular website and also to show how easily you can do the same on your own website.

For me was quiet surprising that only 73% of users have more than 567px browser height, I thought it will be much more.

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